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Perinatal Bereavement Room

University Hospital | Gus Owen Stephens Palliative Care Center 2020

It came to our attention that perinatal loss and stillbirth are very common occurrences that are often overlooked when it comes to bereavement and palliative care efforts. An average of 200 perinatal losses occur every year at University Hospital. There were times where parents wanted to spend last moments or even post passing with their infants and there was no place to do that aside from the postpartum recovery wing.

We build a perinatal bereavement room that serves the same purpose of our pediatric room. This space is peaceful and focused on celebrating life and forming legacy. 

We have also funded the full time position of a perinatal palliative care coordinator. This coordinator works with families from the time of diagnosis or loss to ensure that they are supported at the hospital and after the loss. 

We're thankful to the advisors, partners and friends of Gus Owen Stephens Foundation for their constant support and are always looking for volunteers to help us better serve the community. Join us in our mission to improve pediatric palliative care across Central Texas.

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