Greater Accessibility, Updates on Events and More Ways to Get in Touch

From the first event in October 2016 to now, the organization’s success owes a great deal to the family, friends, partners, advisors, donors and volunteers who invested hard work, prayer and energy to make the foundation’s dream a reality.

And part of that reality is coming true today, with the launch of the Gus Owen Stephens Foundation website.

A little bit of our story

The heart of the Gus Owen Stephens Foundation and the reason for why this foundation is what it is today is one person, our son Gus.

In April 2015, we (Elizabeth and Scott Stephens) gave birth to a healthy nine-pound baby boy named Gus. He was a joyful addition to our family and his big sister, Lucy. But in August 2015, after months of growing, thriving and hitting milestones, Gus became lethargic and weak. We noticed at his wellness visit that he had lost one pound, which alarmed his doctors. We immediately tested Gus for Cystic Fibrosis and were relieved to find the result negative.  

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Get involved, volunteer, donate

This foundation couldn’t exist without the help of donors, volunteers, family, friends and partners, so we’re happy to announce more opportunities to get involved and support the local community.

On our support page, you can find upcoming events where you can meet the team, and get involved. Similarly, you can gift in any way you feel called on our donation page.

If you want to know who supports and partners with our organization, visit the Advisory Board.

We also have a host of upcoming events so that you can stay informed about pediatric palliative care, meet the team or learn more about our foundation.

Our mission and vision

At the end of the day, our vision is to make San Antonio a nationally-recognized pediatric palliative care city, which is only strengthened by our mission to help children and their families cope with life-limiting illness. Join us in our efforts today.

We're thankful to the advisors, partners and friends of Gus Owen Stephens Foundation for their constant support and are always looking for volunteers to help us better serve the community. Join us in our mission to improve pediatric palliative care across Central Texas.



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