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Provide Support to Families

The Gus Owen Stephens Foundation partners with local nonprofits such as Any Baby Can, Children’s Bereavement Center of South Texas, Texas Transplants for Children, The Ronald McDonald House, and The Louise Batz Patient Safety Foundation to better support families & their children.

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Educate Doctors and Nurses

The Gus Owen Stephens Foundation provides speakers, grand rounds, conferences and other continuing education opportunities in the area of pediatric palliative care for the medical community, spanning hospital systems, doctors, nurses and counselors.

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Make San Antonio an Award-Winning Pediatric Palliative Care City

The Gus Owen Stephens Foundation intends to endow a chair for pediatric palliative care at Children’s Hospital of San Antonio, in hopes that the city will become a top location for palliative care and support in the nation.

We're thankful to the advisors, partners and friends of Gus Owen Stephens Foundation for their constant support and are always looking for volunteers to help us better serve the community. Join us in our mission to improve pediatric palliative care across Central Texas.



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